Natural Passion



The Bassoli Winery was founded in 1922 in Carpi.
Today, it has reached the fifth generation with Riccardo.
Over the years, a desire to produce great wines
that best represent the Emilian essence and cuisine has flourished.
The management of the vineyard is dictated
by natural viticulture and biological agriculture:
Pruning and tillage are marked by phases of the moon
The defence – plant protection is entrusted to copper and
sulfur distributed in small quantities, avoiding any kind of fertilization.
Integrated pest management vivifies the soil and allows
for repopulation of our lands with a wide variety of fauna, now lost in our area.


All this is done to make sure the grapes
are healthy when ripe and to allow us to make some wine
with a total absence of corrective products and
chemicals. The grapes, after destemming, come in part
left whole and in part lightly
pressed with a soft press to avoid
extracting unsightly components from peels.
Maceration is done at a controlled temperature to be
able to extract more color and scents,
while the fermentation takes place spontaneously.
We produce natural wines, consequently
the following are not used in the cellar:
added sulphites, sulfur, ascorbic acid, tannins and additives.
The second fermentation takes place in small
isobaric steel barrels, resulting in sudden
depressurization in order to obtain a fine wine
and with an elegant taste. Over the years
we have adopted a new style of winemaking and
production, keeping an eye on it
during the first steps.


Over the years, thanks to many meetings with collaborators,
we have made sure that the initial desire to produce quality
wine is integrated into a larger project, that is
to make the company a laboratory of agricultural sustainability.
Today our intent is to propose natural practice as an
alternative to conventional agriculture through
the cultivation of cereals, vegetables and
fruits in husbandry to the production
of great wines!

Aperitifs and Dinners in the Vine


Tables in the vineyard in an intimate and friendly atmosphere,
accompanied by live music.

Waiting for the sunset
COCKTAIL BAR from 21:00 to 23:00

reservations for DINNER FROM 20:00 with SUPER ASSORTED basket
RESERVATIONS : 349 8932311