Our intention is to develop new wines using the Classic Method to rediscover the Emilian Pinot Noir and give voice to the enology of our territory.

We began this journey in 2014 after almost 100 years focused on the vinification and sparkling wine production of iconic Emilian wines.

Riccardo, Paolo and Alessandro Bassoli have decided to start a new chapter for Emilian viticulture.
The purity of Pinot Noir has always been the way to go, which is why the new vineyards have been planted on the hills near Parma and Piacenza, where the soil and

the climate allow for optimum wine production of an extremely high quality.


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NATURE Our desire is to produce healthy and delicious wine in a sustainable way, respecting nature. We are certified according to EU organic guidelines.

TRADITION Our family has been dedicated to viticulture for many generations. In recent years,however, we have given a contemporary face to this tradition. Preserving what is valuable and creating something new is our ideology.

PASSION For us, wine is the most sensual expression of agricultural culture.
Our belief is producing the best possible wine of the highest natural quality and focusing on the minor details. Vitality is the dominant characteristic in Bassoli wines.


A good glass of wine is a sensual expression of agricultural culture. Each of our wines speaks its own language. They tell us about the earth, the sky, the rain and the hands take care of them.

Viticulture has a long tradition in our family.
We continue to treat this tradition and the gift that it is with care. With great respect for people, animals and the plants.
We use modern technologies for this.
Our main goal is to restore and maintain the natural cycles.



Grape variety : Pinot Nero
Alcohol : 12.00%
Total acidity : 6.40
Extract : 20.00
Pressure : 5.8 bar
Residual sugars : 1.50g/l
Average age of the vine : 20 anni


Harvested by hand in 18kg crates.


Produced with Pinot Noir grapes and harvested in favourable conditions,
which allow bunches to achieve optimal maturation.
The fermentation of the base wine takes place in steel tanks where it stays for about 8 months. After the draft, it matures on the lees for a longer period at 48 months. After disgorgement, this is followed by refinement in the bottle
to give the unmistakable, intense perfumes and aromas.


Being a non/dosed wine, it is refilled during the disgorgement and is made exclusively with the same wine.
Full bodied wine, well structured in taste, denotes a straw yellow colour well accentuated by time with a perlage thin and continuous.

To the nose it is a complex, clean and linear with hints of grapefruit, pineapple and toasted hazelnut finish.
On the palate it is round and dry with hints of acidity, which
makes it extremely drinkable.


It goes well with raw seafood, shellfish and fish-based dishes. Sparkling wine produced without the use of exogenous sugars from phenologically ripe grapes. Self-produced grape must is used in refermentation and disgorgement, respecting the integrity of the fruit and the enhancement of the Emilia region.

Serve the entire duration of the meal at 7°c. It goes well with raw seafood, shellfish and fish-based dishes. 

Grape variety : Pinot Nero 

Alcohol : 12.50 % 

Total acidity : 6.50 g/l 

Extract : 22.50 g/l 

Pressure : 5.8 bar 

Residual sugars : 8.0 g/l 

Average age of the vine : 20 anni 


Harvested by hand in 18kg crates. 


Produced only with Pinot Noir grapes after fermentation 

in the bottle, it is aged for no less than 

60 months, acquiring aromas, intense perfumes and a fine 

and elegant perlage. 

The hand picked grapes, with selection of the best bunches 

of the same age, allows us to give identity but also 

obtain base wines with the right balance 

between acidity and sugar. Everything is enhanced 

by the skilful assembly done before the draft. 

Fresh, fruity and savoury wine with good hints of Williams pear. It is crunchy with a pleasant acidity in the mouth which gives it a persistent body and structure. 


Serve at a temperature of 7° C with fish bases aperitifs or delicate first courses. 

Grape Variety: Pinot Nero 

Alcohol: 12,50% vol. 

Total acidity: 6.20 g/l 

Extract: 18.00 g/l 

Pressure: 6 bar 

Residual sugars: 6.50 g/l 

Average age of the vine: 20 anni 


Grape harvest: by hand in 18kg crates 


Extra Brut represents the essence of our style. 

It’s balance comes from the Pinot Noir grapes, 

coming from the hillside vineyards in Emilia with a predominantly calcareous – clayey structure set on hillsides 

between 300 and 500 metres s.l.m. 

Vilification: Soft pressing of the whole grape to obtain and ferment only 

45% of the free-run must at a controlled temperature. 

Aging in steel tanks until spring with its own yeast. 

Second fermentation: Assembling the Curvee using only its base of aging, 

refining in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. Draft with selected yeasts 

and refined in the bottle for at least 60 months. 

Disgorge for a further 2 months of evolution before being placed on the market. 


Harmonious, savoury wine with hints of bread crusts. 

Serve at 7° C with first courses (risotto, fresh pasta) and complex second courses. 

Grape Variety: Pinot Nero 

Alcohol: 12.50% vol. 

Total acidity: 6.90 g/l 

Extract: 22.50 g/l 

Pressure: 6.0 bar 

Residual Sugars: 8.50 g/l 

Average age of the vine: 20 anni 


Grape harvest: by hand in 18kg crates 


Produced exclusively with Pinot Noir grapes harvested at the right 

degree of maturation. The skins after pressing 

remain in contact with the must for about 4 hours, giving the typical 

pink colour which identifies it. Fermentation takes 

place in thermo-conditioned steel tanks in which the grapes mature for about 8 

months. It allows for optimal base wines ready for the draft that last 

approximately 60 months. 

Pinot Noir gives this wine body and structure without 

eaving out the typical floral scents and aromas (red berries). 


Serve the entire duration of the meal at 7° C. Recommended with fish-based aperitifs or delicate first courses.